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 Our Quality Policy

As Maccaferri, we provide service of construction, environment, geotechnical and ground engineering sectors using innovative and cutting-edge technologies with high-quality, practical, economical, environmental and turn-key solutions. We employ the following principles institutionally to carry out these services in a planned and systematic way and to develop with continuous improvement in conformity with the requirements of ISO 9001 series standards.

Developing innovative and original environmental engineering solutions
We act with the basic principle of offering our clients high-quality, economical, fast and easily-integrated solutions using equipment and technologies  that do not harm environmental and human health.

To be client satisfaction oriented
We keep client satisfaction at the highest level without ever compromising on quality.

Continuously improving our processes
We monitor the performance of all our processes by comparing with our objectives and constantly improve them in accordance with needs and international standards.

Working with the principle of maximum efficiency
We work with the principle of maximum efficiency, ensuring the resources to be used in the most efficient and productive way.

Working with team work spirit and constantly improving qualifications
Continuously keeping our employees’ motivations in a high level, we ensure the participation and sharing environment based on team work spirit and create opportunities for constant improvement of technical and individual qualifications.

Work-safety first
In the safe and healthy working environment that we procure, we aim zero accident at work.

Working with the risk and opportunity approachment
We aim to determine risks and opportunities on an institutional and process basis and take the necessary actions.

Understand the related parties
We evaluate and monitor the needs and expectations of our related parties.

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