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 Concrete Flooring, Precast & Other Uses

Strengthening concrete. In mainland China and Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay only, we offer Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) for use within industrial flooring, concrete slabs and precast concrete products.

Maccaferri Wirand® steel fibres and Fibromac® micro-polymer fibres are used extensively for improving the performance of concrete. Concrete is amongst the most common construction materials used by man, and steel fibres have been used to reinforce concrete for over 100 years, since the first patent was applied for in 1874. This applies to many uses of concrete, whether precast, poured in-situ or used as shotcrete. The benefits can often seem to outweigh the simplicity of the ingredient; simply adding Fibromac® polymer fibres can reduce early shrinkage cracking in concrete for example.

Enhancing performance. Introducing steel fibres into the concrete provides new and improved mechanical properties: the fibres are distributed in three-dimensions throughout the concrete, providing performance precisely where it is needed, right up to the edges of the slab, if used in industrial flooring. Maccaferri Wirand® fibre reinforced concrete enhances the performance of concrete; • From brittle to ductile behaviour, reducing weak points in the slab • From compressive strength to flexural structural performance • Enhanced structural performance and ‘buildability’ • Better impact resistance Replacing steel with fibres. In many circumstances, the traditional steel reinforcement in the floor slab can be replaced entirely by steel fibres. Synthetic fibres, with their higher Young’s Modulus (as a function of them being plastic rather than steel) are used for non-structural performance benefits within the concrete. SRFC slabs can be constructed with fewer pours than traditionally reinforced slabs and require fewer joints and eliminate saw-cuts.

The technique is used extensively in super-flat floors for high-racking warehousing with concentrated aisle loads. Optimising your flooring. We use our design software, PAVE to optimise the design of the floor slab considering concrete class, slab thickness, fibre type and dosage. Making your concrete unique. With over 30 years of experience in the design and supply of fibre reinforcement, we offer a wide range of Wirand® fibres, both steel and polymer, designed to ‘Make your concrete unique’.


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