Sarmac® Bituminous Mattresses

Maccaferri Sarmac® mattresses are used for the anchorage and protection of pipelines and cables in undersea works.

Sarmac® units consist of a structural skeleton of steel cages engineered from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh. This mattress unit is filled with a mix of stones and sand asphalt mastic and wrapped in a protective geotextile. Integral lifting straps enable efficient deployment into the works.

Sarmac® mattresses do not release any contaminants such as PAHs, heavy metals and hydrocarbons exceeding the limits for drinking water.

Sarmac® remains ductile even at low temperatures and conforms to the pipeline or cable profile. Its energy absorbing capabilities make it an ideal solution at pipe crossings or beneath rigs or jetties where there is a risk of falling objects.
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