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Injection Pipes & Accessories

These injection pipes are used to facilitate the injection of chemical mixtures or mortars into loose or inconsistent soil within tunnelling works. The effect is the consolidation of the soil surrounding the injection pipe area.

The pipe is inserted into a previously drilled hole in the ground. Valves are positioned along the length of the injection pipe as required. Once in position, the injection head and packer is inserted into the injection pipe and located next to the most distant valve. The injection mixture is pumped through the valve and into the surrounding soil. This is repeated for consecutive valves.


These steel couplers are to connect adjacent lengths of corrugated fibreglass reinforcing elements.


We offer a range of valves depending on the use within tunnelling operations. They are used for the pressure injection of chemical mixtures used in waterproofing and ground improvement works. The valves are mounted on the selected injection pipe..

ELAM S Final Lining

The ELAM S ceramic panels are used as final linings for tunnelling works, such as subways, metros and pedestrian underground walkways. They are aesthetic and long-lasting, providing a clean final finish to the tunnel wall.
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