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Environmental Engineering Solutions

Since its establishment Maccaferri is a solution partner of 130 years established Italian Maccaferri Group who is the world’s leading producer and supplier of double twisted wire mesh products, steel fibers and geosyntehtics with over 25 manufacturing facilities and 100 offices arround the world.

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Maccaferri in 4 Items

Quality Focused Approach

Professional Technical Staff

Environment-Friendly Products

Ready to Use Projects

Tailored Solutions

Administrations and Project Companies

Solutions Towards to Problems

We provide special solutions in partnership with our project managers and engineers.

Design Support

As a solution partner, we are always in charge for your requirements with our experienced engineer staff.

Technical Specification and Unit Price Analysis

We prepare your technical specification and unit price analysis on behalf of you thanks to our specialists.

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Contractors and Private Corporations

Project Management

With our turnkey solutions, we follow-up your projects from the beginning and finalize according to your calendar.

Material Supply

We supply our high-quality products manufactured in Turkey and the other factories with international standards, just for you.

Application & Supervision Support

We provide high quality service in an optimum time of period with our industrial mountaineers & professional techical staff.

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