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November 24, 2017

Karabük Eskipazar Road Project

Karabük Eskipazar Road Project

Karabük – Eskipazar 4 Hd. Road between Km: 6+470-6+720 (right) and Km: 7+510-7+660 (right), which is under the responsibility of 15th Regional Directorate of Highways, medium and large scale rockfall were observed due to superficial alteration on the slopes consisting of weathered limestone-claystone-marl intercalations. The total area is approximately 20,000 m2. Due to the sensitivity of the clayey and marl levels to water, material losses have been formed due to the surface water flow on the slope. This has caused the carving of solid limestone layers to hang up. And these blocks were caused to fall in time.The falling materials have caused deformation of the stone wall. It has fallen on the road by exceeding the wall, and it has been seen that it affects road safety in the negative direction.

According to the calculations made to ensure the consolidation of on-site consolidation of the rock blocks on the small-medium scale with the potential for failure, and to prevent the flow of thin-gauge materials, use of steel wire rope composite wire netting systems (Macmat HS) with a tensile strength of 73 kN / m, equipped with steel ropes at 100 cm intervals and composed of polymeric fibers, with 3mx3m raster and 4m long rock bolt. And it was seen that these bolts had to be manufactured by connecting them with 8mm thick diagonal ropes.
The polymeric fibrous structure of the Macmat HS material is resistant to displacement of the fine material caused by weathering. The steel composite material that is knitted with ropes is resistant to loads that will form by the breakage of the limestone.

 Subcontractor MACCAFERRİ
 Protection System Macmat HS. Kaya Bulonları, Diyagonal Halatlar
 İşe Başlama Tarihi   01.09.2016
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