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Debris Flow Application Rize Turkey
November 24, 2017
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Kozcağız Dam Project
May 30, 2018

Kayapark Project Basel Reinforcement

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Kayapark Project Basel Reinforcement

Problem: The Turkish Housing Authority wanted to convert an abandoned mining site into a 300,000 m2 housing complex comprising residential housing and park area with pedestrian walkways. Architects envisioned filling the mine’s “open pit” area to support the project’s general design plan requiring a solution for the management of differential settlement of the fill material that would occur.

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Solution: To manage the differential settlement, Maccaferri offered Paralink™ as a basal reinforcement solution. Paralink™ geogrids are unique planar structures consisting of a monoaxial array of composite geosynthetics strips. Maccaferri worked with the housing authority’s chosen design company to create a customized solution utilizing Maccaferri’s proprietary software to evaluate geotechnical parameters and meet design life requirements whilst being economically acceptable. The solution chosen was Paralink™ 200 installed in perpendicular and bidirectional planes providing 200kN in both x and y directions. Differential settlement was managed with a 2% material strain.
A total of 682,600 m2 of Paralink™ 200 was supplied, along with 102,000 m2 clay liner.

Client Emlak Konut
Project Design: MACCAFERRI 
Product Used PARALINK® 200 -PARAGRID® 100 -KİL ÖRTÜ
Date of Construction 2017
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