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 Other Coastal Products

Grid Composite System (GCS)

Maccaferri GCS (Grid Composite System) is one of our coastal products and is designed specifically for use in marine applications to provide a reinforced filtration layer for improved foundation stability to marine installations.


The MacELB is an Emergency Lift Bag used for temporary emergency coastal and river protection.


Maccaferri MacScour provides protection to the foundations of coastal structures and prevents scour under wave attack. MacScour comprises a central ‘MacTube’ unit with additional smaller anchor tubes along the landward and seaward sides of the structure.

Polymeric Marine Mattress (PMM)

Maccaferri Polymeric Marine Mattresses (PMM) were developed to provide erosion control and scour resistance for submerged applications, such as foundations to breakwaters, groynes or other marine structures.
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